The world’s most beautiful natural areas

For hikers and camping enthusiasts, here’s a glimpse of the world’s most beautiful natural areas.

“Gran Sabana”

Located within Canaima, one of Venezuela’s major tourist areas, Gran Sabana is located in the southern state of Bolívar, bordering Brazil. The scenery dominates the place, where tours are tempting, whether by jeeps or canoes, to walk with guides. There, dense bushes contain exotic plant life, about 20,000 species of orchids alone, and many endangered animal species, including jaguars and giant armados. The rock is one of the oldest rocks on Earth, dating back two billion years, making it one of the nine oldest geological regions in the world.

Islands “Galapagos”

The trip to these islands of the Ecuadorian republic offers the opportunity to learn about the wild life of the plant and animal. The national protected park on site covers 97% of the land area. The islands are named after giant turtles that lie boldly on sandy beaches and mingle with the world’s only water iguanas. Birds are the most diverse and abundant in the islands, some of which belong to unique species that can only be found there.


With a low of 200 feet, Skógafoss located in Skógar, Iceland, competes with Gullfoss as the most famous and longest waterfall in the country. Legend has it, the first Viking settler in the area buried a treasure chest in the cave behind the waterfall. The treasure was found by the locals, but they were only able to catch a ring, the latter of which is currently on display at the Area Museum. Dedicated camping areas and hiking trails along the Skógá River have made this waterfall a popular tourist spot.


Located in Austria, located along the shores of a vast and sparkling lake surrounded by towering mountains, the village of Halsat is a favourite destination for travellers. There, the nearby mountains not only provide a picturesque backdrop, but are home to a number of caves, including the famous ice cave. It is worth noting that the number of places in the world where tourists can easily access huge ice caves is small, generally. Behind the main ice cave, the mammoth cave attracts trekking enthusiasts, while the Five Fingers Observatory lets you hang on to the edge of the mountain, making the adventurer feel like he’s on top of the world! The ice cave is closed from late October until May, but the upper sections, Mount Dachstein and alpine huts open in winter.

“Cortina D’Ampezzo”

Cortina D’Ampezzo is located in northern Italy, specifically along the Poiti River, in the heart of the southern Alps. It attracts visitors from around the world, enjoying stunning views and outdoor adventures, against the backdrop of the stunning Dolomite Mountains. Water skiing there is great, as is the snorkeling and the range of outdoor activities that are available all year round. Winter is also ideal for skiing, but when the weather is warm, hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking are anatheded by many tourists. A sign that the nightlife is thriving.


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